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Our services include Installation of Cabling Infrastructure and Telephone Systems in Colorado Springs, Colorado and along the Front Range

Rocky Mountain Telephone has over 25 years experience in the ever-changing world of Telephone and Data Communications.


Telephone Systems Installation, Service, and Repair --  Rocky Mountain Telephone can help you with your new or old phone system. Our extensive knowledge covers a wide range of telephone systems. Sprint, Mitel, Nortel, Lucent/Avaya and Panasonic are just a few of the name brands that we can install, service and repair.  



Cabling -- Weather you are adding an additional line to an existing room in your home or installing a new cable network for your office. Rocky Mountain Telephone can meet your cabling needs. We offer Voice, Data and CATV installation and service. 



Wire Closet Rehab --  Does your wiring closet resemble a spaghetti factory gone wild? Rocky Mountain Telephone can clean up, label and remove non-compliant wiring from your wiring closet, Main Distribution Frame (MDF), or Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF).



Wireless Data Networks --  Rocky Mountain Telephone offers the latest in Wireless Technology for home and office. Have the flexibility and freedom that you need, combined with security features that allow you to access the Internet with the assurance your network is protected against unwanted visitors from the Internet side as well as the local side. 


Lightning and Surge Protection --  Rocky Mountain Telephone can provide the latest technology in surge protection for Phone and Data. Don't let "it hasn't happened yet" become a costly statement. 





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